• May 29, 2024

After Trump Made This Surprise Visit…


A judge in New York is forcing Donald Trump to attend every hearing of the Democrat-run criminal trial. That will take the presidential candidate off the campaign trail for weeks if not months.

Trump will have to rely on his allies to continue reaching voters, if he hopes to build momentum into the November election.

Recently, he has been meeting with top GOP figures. Chances are, Trump is coordinating with these heavy-hitters, to secure his and the party’s victory in this election cycle. He was just in Florida, meeting with a major leader. Now, one name is starting to stand out.

From The Post Millennial:
GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump met with his one-time opponent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Sunday with hopes that the two could mend their relationship…

Early morning Sunday, Axios reported that Burgum had quickly moved up Trump’s list of potential vice presidential candidates after he and Melania hosted Burgum and his wife Kathryn at Mar-a-Lago for Easter.

Trump met with Gov. Ron DeSantis on Sunday. According to reports, the meeting was a “bury the hatchet” kind of thing, where the two top GOP figures put aside their previous contentions. The former president’s goal appeared to be securing DeSantis’s help in raising “a large amount of money.”

It appears the meeting was successful. DeSantis had previously signaled he was going to support Trump. He spoke to donors about raising money for Republican candidates including the presidential nominee.

Trump and DeSantis were vicious during parts of the primary race. But if the GOP hopes to win big this year, it’ll need the influence of big names like Trump and DeSantis.

But before anyone thinks this means DeSantis will become Trump’s running mate, there is more news. Another report from over the weekend suggests that former primary candidate and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum is rising among Trump allies.

It is possible he is topping Trump’s VP shortlist. As we get closer to the election, voters will need to know who Trump wants to be his vice president. Many names have circulated, but now, Burgum appears to be top in the running.

It could mean that DeSantis would prefer leading Florida, as Burgum is wrapping up his time as governor. Or, that Burgum could appeal to moderate voters more than DeSantis, who is a staunch conservative.


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