• May 23, 2024

After Woke Official Calls to “Burn It Down”


After Woke Official Calls to “Burn It Down” – Her City Turns Around and Drops the Hammer

Radical leftists tend to believe that they can get away with almost anything. If you disagree with them, you are instantly labeled as part of the problem.

This ideology has permeated almost every area of private business and government operations. Leftists get inside the system and start to attack others with a tirade of ideas that don’t make sense to most reasonable people.

One local government has had enough after a person on the city payroll decided it was OK to call for the destruction of everything that holds society together. This was another example of woke ideology gone wild.

From the Daily Caller:
Kayla Aliese Carter, Racial Equity Officer of College Park, Maryland, is reportedly being investigated for social media posts allegedly defending violence, promoting black liberation and demanding that people “burn it all down.”

Hired in 2022 to implement “racial equity” in city departments, Carter’s social media posts have now been revealed to allegedly include arguments for violence, allegedly asking in one post, “Why do Black people always have to rationalize our violence and anger?” according to Fox News.

Some of her posts are shocking, targeting people who have done nothing wrong. A world view born of anger and even hate is something common to the woke attitudes that are being forced on people.

The outlet reported how Carter’s posts allegedly voice her war against colonialism, her lack of trust for white people, police supremacy, and how “terrifying” it is for her when white children stare.

“Do y’all understand why the oppressed are constantly shamed out of using violence?? BECAUSE THE OPPRESSOR WANTS TO BE THE SOLE PROFITEER OF VIOLENCE. THEY DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH BACK TALK. ‘DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO’ FACE A–. No,” one of her posts allegedly said.

To top it all off, this person is getting paid by taxpayer dollars while saying these things against the people paying her salary. She is essentially getting paid while attacking the people funding her career in the government. City officials were called out for what was going on with this person.

“Ms. Carter’s views expressed on her personal accounts do not reflect the opinions, beliefs, and core values of the City of College Park and its Mayor and Council,” said a statement from City Manager Kenny Young. “The City is investigating the matter and will take appropriate action.”

Beyond that, the statement said city officials and staff would not have further comment on this personnel issue. The person in question can blast away at people, but the city is mum on the details of what is being done to stop this activity.

The “burn it down” attitude of this person is shielded on X, formerly Twitter, with a privacy setting. But the header on the account says enough when it states, “I can’t wait for society to collapse so MY ideology can rise from the ashes!”

Business and government officials with people on the payroll spewing this type of dangerous narrative should wake up and take action before something does get burned down.



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