• May 22, 2024

Ala. Overnight Space Camp Slammed for Using Transgender Counselor

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., and other Republicans slammed Huntsville, Alabama’s U.S. Space and Rocket Center Space Camp for hiring a transgender employee to oversee children at the overnight camp, 1819 News reported.

The camp hired Molly Bowman, a biological male who identifies as female, to chaperone the event, acting as a hall monitor for the girls’ dormitories.

Bowman’s role at the camp came to light when Clay Yarbrough, a father of a Huntsville student, posted images to Facebook showing before and after photos from Bowman’s transition while describing Bowman’s job.

His post included screenshots of some of the sexual comments Bowman has made on social-media platforms as well.

According to Yarbrough, who initially planned to send his daughter to Space Camp, he had to do something when he heard that Bowman had previously entered the girls’ rooms.

One mother even claimed that Bowman entered the girls’ shower area at one point to encourage them to hurry up.

“All I thought was that [Bowman] was a hall monitor, but then I heard that he had walked into the girl’s room,” Yarbrough said.

“I thought that was extreme; I wouldn’t think that kind of thing would happen at space camp.”

The story has since gained national traction, leading Tuberville, among other Alabama lawmakers, to speak out.

“There’s no reason to have a transgender in charge of boys and girls at a space camp in Huntsville, Alabama; that makes no sense,” Tuberville said in a statement last week.

“… Hopefully, it’s not a detriment to Space Camp because it’s a great entity,” he added. “It’s done a great job for Huntsville, the state and young people all over the country; they’ve learned a lot. So let’s do this the right way. Let’s don’t put any question marks in the way of people and parents sending their kids to space camp to have a great opportunity.”

When questioned about Bowman’s duties, Space Camp Vice President Robin Soprano declined to give out any information.

“I’m not going to give you specifics about any employees,” Soprano stated.


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