• May 23, 2024

Alumni, Students of ‘Catholic’ College Push Back Against Marxist Infiltration

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) A group of Saint Mary’s College (SMC) affiliates decided to take back their school from the far-left administration who completely abandoned the teachings of the Catholic faith.

A letter that the college administration received on March 19, 2024, came after the Catholic-in-name-only college in South Bend, Ind., announced and then retracted its new policy to admit males who falsely claim to be female, according to the College Fix.

In the letter, the group identified some things that could be improved after discussing the takeover of SMC by Marxists with students, alumni and parents.

One of those things could be a simple hiring test that even President Kate Conboy couldn’t pass — defining what a woman is.

Among other things that could be done to clean up the institution, according to them, is increasing the number of professors who are Catholic by requiring every professor to take the Oath Against Modernism, a pledge to affirm the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The petitioners also said that the college’s curriculum needs to be radically changed. They specifically mentioned SMC’s general education curriculum, the Sophia Program, which has twice as many “gender” studies classes as it does religion classes.

The petitioners said that the college doesn’t belong to Conboy or professors who push anti-Catholic views.

“This college belongs to women. This college belongs to the Catholic Church,” they wrote.

The authors of the letter also didn’t hesitate to criticize Conboy specifically, calling her “the most anti-Catholic president in the history of SMC” and saying that “Catholicism interferes with [her] agenda.”

“Get the college on the right path starting with new leadership. Invest in the faithful. Encourage those without faith to see examples of Catholic leadership and faith in action. Hire faculty and leaders who will fight for and defend women and our Catholic faith. You have the chance to be heroes and heroines,” they wrote.

They also added that the mission of SMC will never be abandoned.

“Please do NOT fail us. We know the 180-year-old mission of SMC. It will not be abandoned but will be championed because of those who fought before us. We will continue to press on until we see our beloved SMC restored to the best college for women in the nation,” they wrote.


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