• May 22, 2024

Biden Blocks Israel Aid Amid Election Worries – Acts for Which Trump Was Impeached

(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Did President Joe Biden just commit an impeachable offense? Past claims by Democrats against then-President Donald Trump seem to suggest so. 

Last week, Biden halted a shipment of American-made weapons destined for Israel, prompting concerns within Israel about the reasons behind the aid blockade. 

This action, first reported by Axios on Sunday, coincides with Biden facing widespread and violent protests for his previous support of the Jewish state.

The protests, unfolding across multiple universities, present a potential challenge to Biden’s reelection hopes. Many students might choose to protest by abstaining from voting in the 2024 general elections, while others could escalate their demonstrations to the Democratic National Convention, revealing perceived weaknesses in Biden’s leadership.

The blockade also echoes accusations raised by Democrats against Trump in 2019, when they pursued impeachment articles over an alleged plan to withhold U.S. funding from Ukraine unless an investigation into Biden was initiated.

At the time, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., criticized Trump’s actions as an act of corruption and abuse of power. 

“I respect the responsibility of the President to engage with foreign leaders as part of his job,” Pelosi wrote in a press statement on Sept. 25, 2019.  

Accusing Trump of using congressionally approved funds for personal political gain, she added, “It is not part of his job to use taxpayer money to shake down other countries for the benefit of his campaign. Either the President does not know the weight of his words or he does not care about ethics or his constitutional responsibilities.” 

Fast forward to 2024, Biden now finds himself facing mounting challenges to his re-election aspirations stemming from his previous support for Israel.  

The recent halt in aid, as reported by Axios, represents the first time the U.S. blocked aid for Israel since Oct. 7—when Hamas terrorists unleashed an inhumane onslaught against Israeli civilians, including the killing of babies and mass rape of women. 

Neither the White House nor the Pentagon, State Department nor the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has responded to Axios’s requests for comments. 

It is not immediately clear whether the weapons currently withheld were part of the latest batch of U.S. aid approved by Congress just last month.  

In a bipartisan effort, lawmakers approved $95 billion in foreign aid, including $60 billion for Ukraine, $26 billion for Israel and $1 billion for the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip. 

In response to the aid blockade, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, accused Biden of abandoning a key U.S. ally. 

“The Biden administration put a hold on a shipment of U.S.-made ammunition to Israel. Abandoning our greatest ally. Disturbing,” Jordan wrote on Twitter. 

Just last Friday, 88 Democratic members of Congress demanded that the U.S. cease aid to Israel. This action stems from allegations that Israel was obstructing U.S. aid to Palestinians in the Hamas-led Gaza. 


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