• July 25, 2024

Biden Enters ‘Debate Camp’ to at Least Have Chance Against Trump

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Joe Biden entered Camp David in Maryland on June 20, 2024, to begin a full week of preparing for his contest with Donald Trump so that he would even have the slightest chance of winning the upcoming presidential debate.

Biden’s team of advisers will use the secluded rural setting to prepare and coach the senile old man in the days before the June 27, 2024, debate hosted by CNN in Atlanta, Breitbart reported, with Ron Klain, Biden’s former chief of staff, leading the debate camp preparations at the retreat.

Cedric Richmond, a former White House aide and current campaign co-chair, and other senior campaign aides and longtime advisers will also be at the retreat.

On the other hand, Trump’s advisers, who are wary of using the words “debate prep” when it comes to Trump, have consistently downplayed the notion that Trump needs to be prepared for the debates, especially considering that his only opponent cannot leave a stage without other people’s assistance.

Trump’s team said that Trump will not be preparing ahead of the public showdown, the news source reported.

“President Trump takes on numerous tough interviews every single week and delivers lengthy rally speeches while standing, demonstrating elite stamina,” Trump senior adviser Jason Miller said.

It was also reported ahead of the debate in Atlanta that Trump plans to hold a campaign rally in Philadelphia, a city that Biden has visited several times this year to make sure that the far-left city voting for him would turn the swing state of Pennsylvania blue, just like it was in 2020.

The debate, moderated by CNN anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, will run for approximately 90 minutes with two commercial breaks.

ABC News will host the second presidential debate, which will take place on Sept. 10, 2024.

The Biden campaign previously announced that Biden would debate Trump only in June and September, without live audiences present.


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