• May 22, 2024

Biden Evoked Hamas Invasion to Rush Hur Deposition; Forgot Son’s Death, Trump Election

(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Newly released transcripts of President Joe Biden have shed light on concerning details regarding his reported memory lapses. 

Among the revelations is a segment where Biden invoked the Hamas-Israeli war, seemingly to expedite the interview, and an instance where he failed to recall the year former President Donald Trump was elected. Equally troubling is Biden’s memory lapse regarding the year of his son Beau Biden’s passing.

The deposition occurred on Oct. 8, 2023, just a day following one of the most atrocious attacks against Jewish individuals by Hamas since the Holocaust. 

During the interview, Hur thanked Biden for his participation despite ongoing global conflicts. Biden voiced reservations that the deposition could be interrupted due to an urgent call or matter requiring his attention. 

“We may be interrupted,” Biden cautioned Hur. “I don’t — I hope not.”  

Hur agreed, stating, “We hope not too.” 

At that point, Biden suddenly mentioned that he had recently spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

“I just got off the phone with Bibi Netanyahu,” Biden revealed to which Hur simply responded, “Yes, sir.” 

Later in the transcript, Biden appeared uncertain about the timing of his son’s passing when asked about his decision to withhold sensitive papers upon leaving the White House in 2017. Biden struggled with recalling specific dates. 

“I don’t know. This is, what, 2017, 2018, that area?” Biden pondered, later stating that “during this period” his son was either “deployed or was passing away.” But it was not. Biden left the White House in January 2017, after Trump was sworn in. Beau Biden died in 2015–two years earlier.

Further into the exchange, Biden questioned himself, “What month did Beau die? Oh, God, May 30 —” 

White House lawyer Rachel Cotton reminded Biden that Beau passed away in 2015, to which Biden responded, “Was it 2015 he had died?”  

Another individual interjected, “It was May of 2015.” 

Only then did Biden remember the correct year of Beau’s passing: “It was 2015.” 

These remarks sharply defunct Biden’s previous assertions that Hur had initiated the discussion about Beau’s passing. The transcript reveals that Biden himself first mentioned Beau but struggled to recall the exact date. 

“There’s even some reference that I don’t remember when my son died,” the president remarked on Feb. 8. “How the hell dare he raise that? Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself it wasn’t any of their damned business.” 


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