• June 19, 2024

Biden Ready To Cut Off ALL Interstate Travel!

The Biden administration is doing all that they can to force Americans into getting the experimental jab. It is now to the point that the government is bribing people into getting the vaccine with money and free doughnuts.

However, those free goodies have not pushed enough people into rolling up their sleeves and receiving them so they are looking for more forceful ways.

Three weeks ago, in a speech to the nation, Biden announced that businesses with over 100 employees must force people to be vaccinated.


Then in another act of tyranny, Biden is now looking to unveil a proposal that would create a vaccine mandate for interstate travel within the United States.

I guess Biden’s promise to never require federal vaccine mandates is all out the window, right?

I guess it was just another empty promise from the failing Biden administration.

Did they ask taxpayers whether we want such a mandate?

Of course not!

According to reports in D.C., the Biden administration plans to flex its tyrannical muscles to force the unvaccinated to get the experimental gene therapy drug to travel across state lines.

You can watch Sen. Rick Scott introduce this bill on YouTube below:

After being lied to by the Biden Administration more than once about how there would never be federal vaccine mandates, this shouldn’t be surprising.

Will Biden be able to pull this off?

Tyrants are only successful when they have total control of the population.

Holding the line was never more critical than it is today.

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