• May 29, 2024

Biden Skips Slain Officer’s Funeral for $25M Soiree — A Stark Contrast to Trump

(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) President Joe Biden’s decision to skip the funeral of a slain police officer for a $25 million fundraiser with high-profile Democrats backfired – not once, but twice. 

Conservatives swiftly criticized Biden for not attending the wake of NYPD officer Jonathan Diller, a beloved father and decorated public servant who was shot and killed by an alleged unhinged individual with a hefty criminal record.

Instead, Biden opted to attend a multi-million-dollar fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall with prominent Democrats, including late-night host Stephen Colbert and former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Biden’s fundraiser marked a stark contrast to the actions of former President Donald Trump, who paid tribute to the officer by attending his funeral on Thursday.

Unfortunately for Biden and his high-profile friends, a group of anti-Israel hecklers abruptly disrupted the lavish fundraiser. Tickets for the event reportedly went for up to $500,000, according to the New York Post. 

As seen in multiple videos shared on social media, protesters interrupted the event with loud chants and accusations of genocide. 

“Shame on you, Joe Biden! Shame on you, Joe Biden!” a woman shouted, as seen in a video shared by podcast host Sebastian Gorka. The woman accused Biden of supporting “genocide” in Palestine. “You’ve got blood on your hands.”

Despite Biden’s arrival in New York City, he has yet to address the death of Diller. 

The 31-year-old was fatally shot during a traffic stop. Diller and his colleague approached a vehicle illegally parked on a Queens, New York street. 

Despite their pleas for the occupants to move and exit the vehicle, the alleged suspects refused.  

The two arrested individuals are 41-year-old Lindy Jones and 34-year-old Guy Rivera, both men with hefty criminal rap sheets.

During the altercation, Rivera allegedly opened fire, hitting Diller, who fell to the ground in pain, as depicted in harrowing video footage. Diller’s partner then retaliated by striking Rivera. 

CCTV footage captured officers rushing to aid Diller as he shouted, “Oh, God,” clearly in distress. Diller was transported to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead. He leaves behind a wife and a one-year-old child.

Outside Diller’s wake, GOP presidential nominee Trump criticized what he perceived as a climate of permissiveness toward crime during Biden’s tenure, with incidents of lawlessness seemingly on the rise. 

“What happened is such a sad event,” Trump said outside the funeral home. “It’s happening all too often and we’re just not going to let it happen.” 

He further elaborated added, “This should never happen. I just visited with a very beautiful wife that now doesn’t have her husband. … We have to do a lot of things differently because this is not working. This is happening too often.”


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