• May 23, 2024

Biden’s Campaign Manager Admits to Open-Border Agenda

(Headline USA) President Joe Biden’s campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodríguez admitted this week that Biden has no intention of shutting down the southern border, despite his recent claim that he would like to.

Biden claimed in January that he would “shut down the border right now and fix it quickly” if Congress passed a bipartisan Senate bill under negotiation at the time. 

Chávez Rodríguez contradicted this in an interview with the Washington Post this week.

“The president doesn’t talk about shutting down the border [and is] not advocating for shutting down the border,” Chávez Rodríguez said, adding that “what people want to see is order and humanity in our immigration system.”

The Biden team’s inconsistency is one of the big reasons why Republicans opposed the president’s immigration bill, arguing that it was unnecessary and would only normalize the migrant crisis he enabled.

“President Biden falsely claimed … he needs Congress to pass a new law to allow him to close the southern border, but he knows that is untrue,” House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., said at the time.

“As I explained to him in a letter late last year, and have specifically reiterated to him on multiple occasions since, he can and must take executive action immediately to reverse the catastrophe he has created,” Johnson added.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who was impeached by the House for his own dereliction of duty with respect to the border crisis, previously acknowledged that none of the additional funding provided by Congress for border security would be used to deport illegal immigrants—suggesting that it would instead be used to facilitate their invasion.

Biden’s approval ratings on his handling of immigration continue to plummet, with seven in 10 Americans saying in an AP-NORC poll released on Friday that they disapprove of his record on immigration. 

The mixed messaging on the issue may be the Biden campaign’s effort to baffle voters as to where he actually stands and what action he might be willing to take.

A recent gathering of Mexican police officials, for example, fueled speculation that he may have bribed Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to begin enforcing border crossings in order to give the appearance of progress ahead of the November election.

Former President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has capitalized on the issue, vowing to secure the border and launch mass deportations of the millions of illegal immigrants Biden has let into the country.

Biden has brought “the carnage and chaos and killing from all over the world,” Trump said at a rally in Michigan on Tuesday.


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