• July 23, 2024

Bill Gates Has A NEW Sinister Plan For Population Control

We have all heard that Climate Change is going to kill us all, right? I mean for years we have heard how the ice caps are melting and how the earth is flooding. The bleeding heart liberals have spent millions of our taxpayer money to combat this mythical threat. Now, these brain-dead idiots have decided that money and all their restrictions are not good enough. So, these elitists have decided that in order to save the planet they must spray the populace with chemicals.

Harvard scientist David Keith and his partner said they plan to spray the sky with aluminum oxide and other chemicals to “experiment” with geoengineering: solar radiation management (SRM) as they call it. The purpose of these hazardous chemicals is to block out the sun.

Yeah, what could possibly go wrong with this, right?

The theory is that if they block the sun it will save the planet from overheating. Now, if that wasn’t bad enough, Bill Gates is getting in on the efforts to block the sun and as mentioned before the whole aim of the project is to combat global warming, or so they say.

Could there be something more sinister going on? Absolutely!

Everything from the farmland he is buying, to the gene harvesting tech he has financially funded in China, and now this are all regularly pointed out by media and news outlets.

Take a look:

Fox News had this to report:

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is throwing financial support behind the development of a sun-dimming technology that aims to reflect sunlight out of Earth’s atmosphere, thereby triggering a global cooling reaction.

“Apocalypse Never” author Michael Shellenberger called the idea “bonkers” in an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, before warning against the “grossly irresponsible” experiment.

The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment, which is being conducted by Harvard University scientists, will study whether spraying a sun-reflecting aerosol, such as non-toxic calcium carbonate (CaCO3) dust into the atmosphere could offset the effects of global warming, according to a Forbes report.

Scientific American presented more info on the project:

The first test of the project, called the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment, is meant to see how well the balloon will operate in the thinning atmosphere at a height of 12.4 miles with an equipment payload of 1,323 pounds.

If it works, then the following test would use the propellers to slowly scatter and mix a small amount of calcium carbonate, a common form of mineral dust, into the atmosphere. The idea is to use about 4 pounds of the dust to create a test “beaker,” or a cloud that’s about 0.62 miles long and 328 feet in diameter.

After that, the balloon could loiter for as long as 24 hours, using instruments to test how the particles interact with each other and if they can limit solar radiation, thus reducing the amount being reflecting back into the atmosphere to be trapped there by former emissions. The geoengineering program is meant to prevent heat from building up in the atmosphere.

First off, Climate Change is an absolute hoax and that has been proven time and time again. We do not know the side effects this could have on the population, and that is a frightening thought. The American people should have a say in this matter, considering that we are breathing in these toxic chemicals.

In my opinion, enough is enough.

What do you think?

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