• May 25, 2024

Blue City Cuts Funding for Local Heroes

Blue City Cuts Funding for Local Heroes – And You Won’t Believe Who’s Getting That Money

When former President Donald Trump put down the hammer and secured the border, leftist leaders in blue states and cities cried to the heavens that this was evil. They loudly and proudly made it clear they would welcome all illegal immigrants who sought sanctuary in their communities.

The leftists got just what they asked for as tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have flooded into their communities thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policies. The crisis at the border is now the crisis on the streets of almost every Democrat run city across the nation.

Democrats painted themselves into a corner over the illegal immigrant crisis and now they are scrambling to find money to pay for their sanctuary status. How they are getting the money to support their illegal immigrant population is despicable as they burn through more of the taxpayers’ money.

From The Daily Wire:
The city of Denver announced budget cuts to some departments this week, including the police, sheriff, and fire departments, to allocate more funding for illegal immigrants who have overwhelmed Colorado’s capital.

Democratic Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced the cuts on Wednesday, celebrating the move as a way to avoid “the worst-case budget cut scenarios.”

To pay for the illegal immigrant plan, the Democrat-run city will cut police spending by $8.4 million and fire department spending by $2.5 million, while the Sheriff’s Department will be hit with a 2.2% reduction.

Dubbed the “Newcomer Program Strategy,” the leftist mayor’s directive is a nearly $90 million budget plan that funds aid and sheltering for illegal immigrants through the rest of 2024, Fox 31 reported.

Johnston praised his plan to take away from U.S. citizens and give money to illegals as a “sustainable plan for treating our newcomers with dignity while avoiding the worst cuts to city services.”

The plan appears laughable to citizens with common sense, but this leftist is serious in believing that what he is doing is “compassionate” and “fiscally responsible.” One can only hope his fiscal responsibility doesn’t translate to police, fire, or emergency medical services not getting to a taxpayer in their time of need.

After opening their arms as a sanctuary city, Denver officials scrambled this year to accommodate an estimated 40,000 migrants who poured into the city in just a few months. It was such an overwhelming flow of people who couldn’t take care of themselves that the mayor booted migrant families from shelters after staying six weeks.

About 800 migrant families were booted from overcrowded shelters as the mayor cried about the migrant influx “straining capacity.” That prompted his call for the budget cuts to fund services for the illegal immigrants.

Johnston’s new city budget plan allocates $51.7 million for migrant shelter and housing, according to Fox 31. Another $9.7 million will go toward “supportive services,” including case management and workforce training, and $6 million will be allocated for migrant transportation.

Johnston stuck it to city services across the board to pay for his migrant support budget. His office was cut 9.6% on spending. Other city departments taking a budget hit include the City Attorney’s Office, Economic Development, Public Health and Environment, and the Public Library.

The only hope for Denver to correct this problem is to listen to the people, the American citizens who vote. Colorado voters are frustrated with the border crisis and a recent poll shows they listed immigration as a top issue for the 2024 election cycle. This follows a national trend where voters don’t like how they are being treated.

Colorado has held strong for Democrats in the past two presidential elections with blue candidates winning handily. That might change as more Colorado voters realize the priorities of leftist politicians.

Key Takeaways:

  • Denver mayor cut police and fire budgets to pay for illegal immigrant services.
  • The leftist mayor said the cuts were “compassionate” and “fiscally responsible.”
  • Essential services lost millions of dollars while illegal immigrants gained millions.

Source: The Daily Wire


Sean Kerrvin

Sean is a former mainstream media journalist who walked away from the leftist machine. He now works to deliver news and insights to benefit Americans who want truth and liberty to prevail under the Constitution.

Sean is a former mainstream media journalist who walked away from the leftist machine. He now works to deliver news and insights to benefit Americans who want truth and liberty to prevail under the Constitution.


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