• July 24, 2024


We all know that Kamala Harris is a joke and anything that she is in charge of will crumble from her ineffective touch, and somehow she is the vice president.

Seriously, how in the world did this happen?

At any rate, Harris is VP and she also was dubbed the border czar and ever since Harris has been granted this title, the border has been in shambles.

However, instead of doing something about the atrocious situation at the border, Harris just laughs like a hyena and shrugs it off as a non-issue.

And, while she laughs and chuckles, roughly 500,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border in the last three months.

With no border czar enforcing anything these illegals are just pouring in and putting millions of Americans at risk and she doesn’t care.

It is a fact that Fentanyl continues to flood into the country, which contributes to the overdose epidemic plaguing the United States and Harris is doing nothing.

If this continues on at the pace that it is, there is no coming back from this and it will ruin the country once and for all.

And the crisis enables sex traffickers to prey on more innocent victims.

Here’s more on the border’s decline under ‘Czar’ Harris:


The Washington Free Beacon covered the czar’s failure:

Vice President Kamala Harris finally visited the southern border, three months after being put in charge of solving the immigration crisis. In that time, more than half-a-million illegal immigrants were apprehended at the southern border.

Upon arriving in El Paso on Friday, the vice president continued to attack journalists for asking questions about why she waited so long to make the trip. “It’s not my first trip, I’ve been to the border many times,” Harris snapped, apparently referring to previous visits she made as a senator.

Since President Joe Biden made Harris his “border czar” on March 24, illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border at a record rate of nearly 180,000 per month, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

CBP agents apprehended 178,854 illegal immigrants at the southern border in April, which at the time was the highest monthly figure since April 2000. At least it was until the following month, when CBP agents apprehended 180,034 illegal immigrants attempting to enter the country.

When the CBP data for June is reported next month, the total number of illegal crossings since late March is likely to surpass 500,000, which would mark a tremendous increase compared with last year. During that same three-month period (April-June) in 2020, CBP apprehended just 73,392 illegal immigrants. The 2020 numbers were likely deflated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but CBP reported just 146,210 illegal border crossings for that same three-month period in 2018, significantly below this year’s figure.

Harris has come under fire for not taking the border crisis seriously. She has on several occasions laughed like a maniac in response to questions about her refusal to visit the border until now. During an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt earlier this month, Harris falsely claimed “we’ve been to the border” and attacked the journalist for asking about it.

Since the border czar has failed to confront the migrant crisis, President Trump is paying a visit to Texas to investigate matters.

Former President Trump goes to Texas on Wednesday to tour the southwest U.S. border, where a recent surge in migration and the number of apprehensions of illegal immigrants has sparked concern by the former presidents and other critics of new Biden administration policies.

Trump, elected in 2016 to one term on a platform heavy on border security, will visit the border with Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, who has vowed to continue building the border wall that Trump attempted to finish while in office.

“Texas is working on it because Biden is not,” Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told Fox News on Wednesday morning. “We’ve got to stop people from coming across the border.”

Roughly 180,034 people were apprehended last month at the border, and 40% of those turned back had previously crossed. That’s compared to fewer than 25,000 in late 2020, according to data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The highest number of monthly apprehensions during the Trump administration was nearly 150,000, according to the Texas Tribune.

The May apprehension numbers are the highest in 20 years.

Trump and Abbott will hold a border security briefing with state and law enforcement officials at the Weslaco Department of Public Safety headquarters, then tour the border, in the Rio Grande Valley.

Trump arrives about one week after Vice President Kamala Harris, whom President Biden appointed the administration’s border czar, visited the border in El Paso.

If this isn’t fixed soon Harris’s blunders at the border will have a significant impact on all of us.

The Biden administration does not care about the American people and they are doing everything they can to crash the economy and nation.

I just pray that we can hold these liberals off before our nation is gone for good.


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