• April 20, 2024

Calls For RESIGNATION Of NY Governor Cuomo BURIED In Criminal Sexual Assault Allegation

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has been majorly in the spotlight especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the latest may be even worse for him.

Governor Cuomo has rightfully taken a lot of heat during the pandemic. One of the largest cities in the world was a part of the biggest outbreak of Covid and the Governor was a disaster trying to recover and take care of the city.

Now Governor Cuomo has been accused of multiple incidents of sexual harassment. This is not a good look for Cuomo and who knows if he makes it out of this.

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On Tuesday, after the release of a bombshell report from New York state Attorney General Letitia James which had been awaited for months that wound up accusing New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo of numerous instances of sexual harassment, Fox News’ Janice Dean, who has harshly criticized Cuomo for over a year after her husband’s parents died in nursing homes from the coronavirus, issued a series of searing tweets, writing, “The angels are on our side. Here on earth and in heaven.”

“The 165-page report, which comprises interviews with 179 witnesses and a review of tens of thousands of documents, also said that Cuomo’s office was riddled with fear and intimidation, and was a hostile work environment for many staffers,” CNBC noted.

In November, Cuomo stated, “The key is to be strong and secure enough to admit your mistakes and admit your shortcomings — don’t get defensive. Denying the mistake only assures repeating the mistake. We have made mistakes during COVID; I wrote a book on the lessons to be learned from the COVID crisis.” Seeing Cuomo’s new statement, Dean fired back, “This guy is a real piece of work.”

And look at that this tweet from Pelosi! Sure hasn’t aged well!

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