• May 29, 2024

CNN Host Has Meltdown as Kevin O’Leary Scolds $464M Trump Bond

(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) CNN anchor Laura Coates became visibly upset during a live broadcast when Shark Tank host Kevin O’Leary criticized the business ramifications of the civil lawsuit against former President Trump and his company. 

“What are you doing?” asked a seemingly frustrated Coates to a fired-up O’Leary during a segment of her eponymous show on Tuesday. “I have a wonderful voice and it won’t be talked over,” she added just moments earlier. 

Coates’s response was triggered by O’Leary’s pro-Trump remarks regarding the bond in Attorney General Letitia James’s civil fine against the Trump Organization over alleged inflated finances. 

“What a great message to send out all around the world,” O’Leary said of the claims that Trump could put his properties as collateral in the bond placed on the civil case. “There was no fraud here in the context of actually people losing money.” 

He further elaborated, “Great message for New York. Great message for America, ‘Bring your capital because we’d protect your property.’ I think that was a statement that would better made sometime in Venezuela. That’s a scary, scary message. … Absolutely horrific.” 

Coates, in line with typical CNN anchors, interrupted O’Leary’s impassioned remarks. “But wait, Kevin. Hold on, Kevin. Hold on a second. I… Kevin O’Leary, I’d like to hear what you have to say – what are you doing?” she interjected, unsuccessfully attempting to cut O’Leary’s remarks. 

“This is not America,” he exclaimed.

“It’s not America, but it is the Laura Coates Live show and I am speaking. So that would be the rule. Not Venezuela, nowhere else,” Coats replied, but O’Leary quickly said: “Not America!”

Further lecturing O’Leary in a visibly condescending tone, Coates concluded: “Fine, but it’s the Laura Coates Live and hello? My name is Laura Coates.” 

This tense exchange unfolded after Trump filed a motion informing Judge Arthur Engoron of his unsuccessful attempts to secure a hefty civil penalty nearing $500 million in what New York prosecutors claimed was an illegal plot by Trump to secure generous loans. 

Tellingly, Trump repaid the disputed loans with interest. Even worse, James, the elected attorney general for New York, campaigned on prosecuting Trump, his companies, and his family. 

Upon assuming office, James followed through on her campaign pledge, sparking concerns regarding selective prosecution and political witch hunts.


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