• June 18, 2024

Did China Have a Secret Vaccine?

Do we ever know exactly what is happening inside of China? Simple answer, NO. This becomes a problem when a global pandemic rests on the shoulders of a Communist country.

What is even worse is the likelihood that China was well aware of the Coronavirus months before we heard the first of it. And it is likely to protect themselves and their country (forget the rest of the world), they developed a vaccine for their citizens.

“Senior US Government officials were highly concerned with how early China had developed a vaccine for COVID-19.

The officials investigated the possibility vaccine development began prior to the time Beijing admitted to the World Health Organization there was an outbreak on Dec. 31, 2019. They raised the explosive issue in an internal report without forming any conclusions.

“It may seem likely that the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been researching a vaccine before the outbreak,” the State Department analysis authored by Miles Yu stated.”

More from the New York Post:

“The investigation for the book discovered that Chinese military scientists also filed a patent application for a COVID-19 vaccine, different from the duplicative Remdesivir treatment, on Feb. 24, 2020.”

Are we ever going to get the necessary information we need from China? They were the reason behind a global pandemic. Now there is glaring reasons to believe they not only knew about the Virus much early than reported, but actually had a vaccine to only take care of their own.

China needs to be held accountable for their actions. Maybe if we were still under the Trump administration, we would try to do just that.

The Daily Allegiant