• June 13, 2024

FAKE Joe Biden Has Now Been Confirmed… It’s All Just A Movie [WATCH]

Since last November, when the Democrats stole the election from President Trump we all knew it was going to start getting REAL interesting and we haven’t been let down. Each day there has been a new plot twist, more questions, and a growing desire to root out the swamp creatures that have taken over our government.

Over the last several weeks, since Biden was installed into the “White House” as president there have been many strange things happening in the Washington D.C, area that has informed citizens questioning the “official” narrative. For example, many people have noticed that the lights have remained off at the White House, the military presence in the metro area has not gone away, and there are several fences with barbed wire surrounding buildings.

One journalist, who is in the area has stated that D.C. is essentially a ghost town beside some stragglers so what is going on?

It’s now fully confirmed: Joe Biden is a fake digital mirage, and his “presidency” is completely staged using green screens and video compositing. This is why there’s no actual Joe Biden at the Oval Office, and it’s why the White House is dark. It’s also why there has been no State of the Union address.

Some speculate that Biden may already be dead. Others think he’s so ill that the green screen video producers have to use Biden body doubles to wear masks and act out the Biden scenes, which are then later composited and released to the public to create the illusion that Biden is still functioning.

Whatever the real explanation, we now know with 100% certainty that the Biden videos being released are completely faked, using multi-layered video compositing tricks carried out with horrific, glaring errors that any competent viewer should immediately recognize.

Yet, astonishingly, Democrats who watch this video don’t see anything wrong. This is true even when you point it out to them! They have literally lost the ability to cognitively function, just like Biden himself.

We are now living in a devolved libtard society, where Leftists are cognitively retarded, unable to see that their “president” is a CGI mirage, and incapable of observing reality.



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