• May 23, 2024

He Thought It Would Be Funny To Urinate On The Elevator Buttons, But Then Karma Gets Him Back

It never pays to pull a prank when you’re not prepared. Improvised pranks often go wrong because there are thousands of variables at play that could interrupt your incomplete plans. One man decided to prank the entire building by pulling down his pants and then pulling out his junk so he could urinate on the elevator buttons. However, karma quickly got back to him because he short-circuited the elevator buttons and ended up getting stuck in the very place he wanted to prank other people.

The man should have known that elevator buttons are not public toilets. However, the young man from China didn’t seem to realize that the elevator buttons were off-limits for public urination. Instead, he decided to pull down his pants and relieve himself on the elevator buttons so other people would get their hands and fingers wet when they tried to move up and down in the building.

Whether or not this man pulled his attempted prank on April Fool’s Day or not, he was the one who got pranked at the end of the incident. Because his urine short-circuited the elevator buttons, he got trapped inside the elevator with the fresh smell of his urine.

The entire incident was caught by the elevator’s surveillance cameras. The video showed the man pulling out his penis to relieve himself all over the buttons inside the moving elevator. The man thought it was funny whizzing all over the buttons because other people would get their fingers wet when trying to move up and down in the building.

However, the man’s prank turned sour shortly after he whizzed all over the buttons. He didn’t seem to think that his flood of urine would do anything to the elevator, but he failed to realize that he would break the equipment with his strong stream of pee.

The buttons short-circuited because of the man’s stunt, and the elevator got stuck between floors. The man was then forced to face the consequences of his actions as he was trapped in the very place he wanted to prank other people.

The video of the man’s embarrassing incident quickly went viral online, and people all over the world were laughing at his expense. The man should have known that public urination is not a joking matter. Not only is it disgusting, but it can also lead to serious consequences like the one he faced.

This man’s story is a cautionary tale for anyone thinking about pulling a prank. It’s always important to be prepared and to think about the potential consequences of your actions before you go through with a prank. Otherwise, you might end up being the one who gets pranked in the end.

The man’s prank backfired in a big way and he got stuck inside the elevator with the doors closed. He banged on the doors and tried to force them open, but it was no use. The man was trapped inside the smelly elevator until someone came to rescue him.

So the next time you’re thinking about pulling a prank, make sure you’re prepared. Otherwise, you might end up being the one who gets pranked.

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