• June 22, 2024

Hillary Is Back And Her Newest Demand Is Totally Insane!

That swamp creature Hillary Clinton is back and is making wild accusations again. Seriously, when will this woman just fall into a hole already?

It is apparent that Hillary just can’t let it go that she lost to Donald Trump and she wants revenge for it all and is calling for Big Tech to help with that “punishment”.

One of the reasons Hillary Clinton lost and this is according to her is that “wild conspiracy theories” were allowed to be posted online. Clinton blames the truth about her and the Democratic party to be false and everything that CNN and the mainstream media say about evil Republicans to be fact.

Her solution in making sure that the narrative they want out in the world to be the only one? More social media censorship.

Clinton called for Big Tech to crack down even more on any information that does not benefit the elite.

“There must be a reckoning by the tech companies for the role that they play in undermining the information ecosystem that is absolutely essential for the functioning of any democracy,” Hillary Clinton said. “If you get to a point — and we are, if not there, very close to it —where you cannot have agreement on facts, on evidence, on truth, how does a democracy make decisions?” she asked.

“And what we’ve got in the tech world on social media platforms is an algorithm-driven, conspiracy rabbit hole that people are enticed to go down and then addicted because it is like watching constant car crashes,” she continued. “You cannot turn away. And as someone who has been accused of practically everything you could possibly imagine, I know how powerful this is, I mean, outrageous falsehoods which fuel a sense of alienation.”

“And yet the algorithm-driven, advertising, profiting social media platforms find it I guess very difficult to break themselves of that addiction so, in fact, they don’t,” she continued. “And it’s going to be up to governments, and I would even hope some global rules, but let’s start with governments to try to rein in the disinformation on the social media platforms. It certainly plays to Russia’s interests, but also to other malign actors.”

Here is more from Trending Politics:

It should be noted that what Hillary Clinton is calling for is government control of “misinformation” online, which would potentially block the American public from receiving sensitive information that officials deem harmful to political interests. This is not the same as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis supporting a bill that would fine social media giants for interfering in U.S. elections by censoring political candidates.

Hillary Clinton, the presidential candidate in the 2016 election, famously refused to recognize the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s election on numerous occasions, despite conceding that she officially lost. Clinton had also played a key role in pushing the Russia collusion conspiracy theory that undermined President Trump’s legitimacy before the riots at his 2017 inauguration and throughout his administration. Most egregiously, the Clinton campaign funded the discredited Steele Dossier, which one sub-source called as tantamount to ‘bar talk over beers.’

“The presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid for research that was included in a dossier made public in January that contained salacious claims about connections between Donald J. Trump, his associates and Russia,” the NY Times reported.

The Steele dossier was the basis of FISA application renewals to effectively spy on the Trump campaign, which was one of the most damaging actions in the history of U.S. “democracy.” If Hillary Clinton were held to the standard that she purportedly now supports, she would have been censored countless times on social media herself.

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