• July 13, 2024

House GOP Gives Ultimatum to Garland: Contempt of Congress Hearing Dates Revealed

(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Attorney General Merrick Garland faces potential repercussions as the Republican-led House of Representatives takes action to hold him accountable for his refusal to release potentially damaging audio recordings involving President Joe Biden. 

On Thursday, a Republican-led committee will discuss a resolution to hold Garland in contempt of Congress due to his reluctance to hand over the recorded deposition of Biden from his interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur. 

Specifically, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., stated his intention to hold Garland in contempt if the audio recordings are not released.

This confrontation arises from Hur’s decision not to pursue criminal charges against Biden for his alleged mishandling of classified documents during his tenure as vice president in the Obama White House. 

Hur’s report revealed evidence suggesting that Biden knowingly retained classified documents at his private residence, despite lacking the authority to declassify them as vice president. 

Investigators uncovered purported audio of Biden admitting to holding classified documents for his ghostwriter, an action that could have potentially led to criminal charges against any other American.

Comer emphasized that lawful subpoenas were issued to Attorney General Garland for the audio recordings of Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Hur, yet Garland continues to defy these subpoenas. 

“These audio recordings are important to our investigation of President Biden’s willful retention of classified documents and his fitness to be President of the United States,” stated Comer in a press release. 

He further stressed the necessity of consequences for Garland’s refusal to comply with the subpoenas for the files, affirming, “We will move to hold Attorney General Garland in contempt of Congress.”


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