• May 25, 2024

Human Trafficking Operation in Panama Exposed Transporting African Migrants To America

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Investigative journalist and conservative advocate Laura Loomer recently uncovered a large-scale human trafficking scheme in Panama.

This operation involves the clandestine transportation of ill migrants from Africa under the cover of darkness, with the ultimate goal of reaching the United States.

Loomer’s investigation took her to Darién Gap, a treacherous migration route known as one of the most perilous in the world.

Spanning over 60 miles of dense jungle, mountains, and swamps along the border between Colombia and Panama, this remote and roadless region presents significant challenges for those attempting to cross it.

Monday night, Loomer saw a sizable migrant bus carrying individuals from Africa who lacked legal status. The bus came to a halt outside the San Vicente Migrant camp in Darien Gap to let someone disembark.

Despite potential danger, she bravely boarded the bus and began recording.


Loomer conversed with the driver in Spanish, pressing him for information on their destination, the late-night transport of migrants, and the bus owner.

Although the driver did not disclose the owner’s identity, he disclosed a startling revelation: migrants crossing through Darien Gap had paid $60 to board a bus bound for Costa Rica, a stop on their journey to the United States via Mexico.

Following a call to his supervisor for guidance on handling Loomer’s inquiries, the nervous driver decided to eject her from the bus. Undeterred, Loomer expressed she would have ridden all the way to Costa Rica.

Observing many migrants clad in traditional African attire fresh off a boat in Darien, Loomer emphasized their subsequent route through Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico before entering California or Texas en route to the US.

In a subsequent video from Wednesday’s encounter, Loomer highlighted that several of these migrants carried known diseases. This raises concerns as they could potentially expose millions of Americans to dangerous illnesses upon their arrival.

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