• April 20, 2024

If One Deep State Player Falls, They All Fall! Shot Heard Around The World! [WATCH]

The deep state knows that they are in trouble and that the whole world will be aware of it very soon. Everything they have done or have been trying to do is being exposed after years of hiding it behind closed doors from the American people.

For example, just yesterday, emails were released that show Fauci knew that covid was engineered and funded. Those emails also showed that the spread of the virus was not asymptomatic, that there were drugs that would cure it and he explained in his emails that masks do not work.

As we always knew, there was no reason for the lockdowns. The lockdowns were just ways to gain control over the masses so they could become more reliant on a broken system.

This is why the deep state is panicking, they don’t know Trump’s next move. The states are leading the charge and the audits will reveal the truth.

Watch here:

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