• April 14, 2024

Jesse Watters Just CRUSHED The Harpies On The View!

Jesse Watters with Fox News snapped back after the cackles on ‘The View’ defended Biden’s inflation woes. According to the Ulta-liberal talk show bad things just keep happening to poor Joe. He’s not responsible—At all.

Meanwhile, the White House blames everyone else. It’s Putin. It’s Businesses. It’s consumers. It’s literally anything but Joe. Hell, I’ve heard plenty of them claim that this is Trump’s inflation—What a joke!

Watters responded after watching a clip from ‘The View’ where the women defended Biden, “I’m just trying to figure out what they said on “The View.” It was over my head. It was really, really enlightening. Apparently, if you listen to “The View,” if you’re sitting around the kitchen table, everything’s terrible. But none of it’s Joe Biden’s fault. Joe Biden came in. He was supposed to care more and he was supposed to be more competent. And it’s clear now he’s neither.

Right now he went to a farm. And I know he’s not running for reelection because you know where the farm was? Farm was in Illinois. If you’re running for reelection, you go to a farm in Iowa and this guy’s done. He’s not going anywhere. And he wasn’t even in front of, like, some nice cornstalks or anything like that.

You got to go out, if you’re going to a farm, you got to see a farm. You got to see green, you got to see stalks. I couldn’t see any of it. Here’s the other thing. He goes out there and he says that the farmers are going to get technical assistance from the government. You think farmers need help from the government? The farmers, they don’t need help. They know how to plant crops. What’s the government going to tell the farmers to do?”

The House emphatically approved a fresh $40 billion Ukraine aid package Tuesday as lawmakers beefed up Biden’s initial request. They can’t spend our money fast enough abroad but refuse to spend it on fixing the energy crisis, supply chain shortages, or anything pressing here at home.


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