• July 25, 2024

Joe Scarborough Heckled at NJ Airport: ‘You Liberals Are Done’ After Trump Election 

(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough was heckled at Newark Liberty International Airport on Friday by a pro-Trump supporter. 

A video shared on social media by controversial personality Laura Loomer shows Scarborough exiting a vehicle while appearing on the phone.

“I can’t wait for Uncle Donny to win,” shouted social media personality Daniel Chalet, known online as Danny Boy Hustle Hard. Chalet shared the original video on Instagram.

The video is captioned, “Had to give this clown @morningjoe a piece of my mind real quick New York shit.” 

Scarborough is seen looking shocked, holding a backpack and wearing a blazer, tie and sunglasses. 

“I can’t wait. He’ll get rid of all f**king liberals,” Chalet shouted at Scarborough. “You liberals are done when he f**king wins. You f**king blowj**s liberals are done when he f**king wins.”

He added, “Uncle Donny is going to take this election landslide!” 

A woman is seen assisting Scarborough as Chalet shouted, “F**k out of here, you scumbag.” 

Scarborough, a former U.S. representative, hosts Morning Joe on MSNBC. The show has been known for its vitriolic criticism of former President Donald Trump. 

Earlier this week, Scarborough said that if he were Judge Juan Merchan, he would jail Trump. Merchan is the judge overseeing the trial against Trump led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. 

“I don’t care who the defendants were,” Scarborough said, according to the Media Research Center. “If I were the judge, they’re going to jail. I would bring them in shackles day in and day out. I  don’t care if it were a Democrat, a Republican, whether it was a steel worker, at teacher, or the President of the United States.” 

Also this week, Morning Joe harshly criticized former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley for endorsing Trump for president. 

“Nikki Haley — in many ways, this is peak Nikki Haley,” said Charlie Sykes, an MSNBC columnist during an episode of Morning Joe, according to the Media Research Center. 

 “She turns out to be a very, very, cheap date for Donald Trump. But this is a choice that she made. It is a very different choice than Liz Cheney made, Adam Kinzinger made, Chris Christie made. It’s a different choice than Mike Pence made.”


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