• June 22, 2024

Kamala Harris Offensive & Ignorant Tweet Has Country OUTRAGED!

In the United States, Memorial Day is a special day we cherish to remember all of those men and women who sacrificed so we can be better off today. A day to pay respect, but for some, they are too selfish to know the difference.

Kamala Harris must have been thinking about herself as she crafted an incredibly selfish and disrespectful tweet about the upcoming Holiday weekend.

“Enjoy the long weekend,” Harris wrote, above a candid photo of herself smiling.

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More from Republican Robby Starbuck: “I know you think the “long weekend” is a chance to post a pic of yourself and get some mimosas as you plan to rip our country apart but it’s actually a time to appreciate the brave soldiers who died for our country & to reflect on the LIFETIME their families spend without them.”

The White House of course declined to comment on any of this negative attention.

To our current and past Military who we should regard as heroes, I can’t imagine the despair to see our nation’s Vice President unable to show respect on one of the most recognized and cherished days of the year.


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