• May 19, 2024

Kamala Just Humiliated Herself in Front of the World


Kamala Just Humiliated Herself in Front of the World – Video Shows Her Most Embarrassing Moment Ever

The liberal establishment still seems to think that Kamala Harris is the “future” of our country. It seems as if they haven’t been paying attention to the woman’s track record. The few tasks the Biden administration has given to her have not been successes.

After all, she was the one picked to address the border crisis four years ago. How’d that work out?

Harris has embarrassed herself time and again on the world stage. She infamously used a bad French accent… while speaking to French scientists. More recently, she visited Puerto Rico and encountered a festive group playing music in public. Harris even started clapping along, until she found out what they were singing.

From Breitbart:
Vice President Kamala Harris had an embarrassing fumble during a Friday visit to Puerto Rico, where she was spotted clapping along to a protest song against her before an aide translated the lyrics.

A group of protesters holding signs with messages, including “Kamala Harris war criminal,” and calling the United States “genocidal” met the vice president outside of the community center, along with a band playing music.

Video captured the hilarious moment when Harris went from smiling and clapping along to dropping her hands when a staffer next to her reportedly translated the Spanish lyrics.

Geez. It seems Biden and Harris care very much about Spanish-speaking Americans… but refuse to learn their language. Harris clapped along to a song protesting her visit to the island. Protesters called her a “colonist” and claimed she was a “war criminal.”

She seemed to mindlessly clap along because someone next to her was. An assistant had to translate what was going on. Harris stopped clapping once she realized the music was accusing her of being a villain.

Not that few Americans would disagree with that music. Harris has failed to impress anyone during her time as vice president. Most of the time, she seems to expose her ignorance—like the time she asked about “racist” trees during a meeting with NASA.

We aren’t surprised she was clapping along with a song that insulted her. That seems pretty much par for the course for this politician.



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