• May 23, 2024

Lawyer Begs off Satanic Pedophile Case

(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Last month, Richard “Rabid” Densmore, a member of the Satanic pedophile cult 764, agreed to plead guilty to one count of sexual exploitation of a minor.

But since then, Densmore’s scheduled hearing to plead guilty did not take place, and now his lawyer is seeking to withdraw from the matter.

The lawyer, public defender James Fisher, declined to comment on whether his client’s plea agreement with the Justice Department is still intact. Fisher’s Wednesday motion states that he and Densmore have been in a dispute about his access—or lack thereof—to discovery evidence.

According to Fisher’s motion, the defense attorney received a giant batch of discovery materials on March 22—days before Densmore’s change-of-plea hearing was set to take place. The discovery evidence included “several hundred thousand (at least) pages worth of chat and text exchanges, most of which do not involve any known user names attributed to Mr. Densmore,” the lawyer said.

Fisher said he spoke to Densmore today about the evidence, telling his client that that none of the subsequently obtained messages appeared either inculpatory or exculpatory in nature, that they were voluminous in nature, that defense would have considerable difficulty providing the materials in print form to him, and that he would have difficulty reviewing them.

“Defense counsel did not refuse to provide the materials to Mr. Densmore, but endeavored to explain to him the apparent lack of relevance to his charges, the pending plea offer from the government, or any cognizable defense,” Fisher said.

“Nonetheless, Mr. Densmore asserted that counsel was refusing to provide the discovery to him, expressed his displeasure with counsel’s work on his behalf thus far, stated he was unhappy with undersigned counsel’s representation, and asked for a new attorney on his case.”

Fisher said he’s working to provide the discovery to Densmore in electronic format, but said a “solution compatible with jail policies has not yet been found.”

“The attorney-client relationship has broken down irreparably. Mr. Densmore feels that counsel does not have his best interests in mind and that an irreconcilable conflict exists between counsel and Mr. Densmore. Defense counsel agrees that Mr. Densmore would be better suited with alternative counsel at this time,” the lawyer said.

Densmore’s charges stem from a complaint in August 2022 that a Discord user named “Rabid” was grooming minors to create child pornography and engage in self-harm. The FBI identified Rabid as being Densmore.

According to Densmore’s plea agreement, he sent a message to “Jane Doe,” a female under the age of 18, asking for a picture of her breasts with his username, “Rabid,” written on them. He also sent someone referred to as “Person A” a form of Discord currency called Nitro, in an effort to persuade Jane Doe to send the requested image.

The FBI executed a search warrant on Densmore’s home last February, finding child porn and other material related to the 764 cult.

For some reason, Densmore was a free man for another 11 months.

Then, after he was arrested on Jan. 29, a judge let him loose on bail. Densmore’s bail was revoked after the DOJ filed an emergency motion about the matter.

Other 764 Cases

Densmore is one of a slew of O9A- and 764-affiliated Satanists to be prosecuted in recent months.

The government’s crackdown on the above-mentioned Satanic pedophile groups started in November 2021, when the FBI arrested 764 member Angel Almeida. Details of Almeida’s 764 activities weren’t made public until records about his case were unsealed late last year.

More recently, the Justice Department filed charges in December against another 764 member, Kalana Limkin, for allegedly promoting child pornography, sexual extortion, and trafficking, animal cruelty and self-harm of minors.

Additionally, U.S. Marshals arrested 764 member Kyle Spitze in February on child porn charges. Spitze’s disturbing story can be read here.

Also in February, Canadian police announced the arrest of a 14-year-old male who was affiliated with 764.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.


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