• June 21, 2024

Mike Lindell Has FORCED One Republican To RESIGN!

There was a time when serving the people as a representative for your district or in any capacity was seen as honorable and noble. Sadly, we have witnessed our government representatives take more interest in what lobbyists desire than what the American people want.

After all, there are more kickbacks, incentives, and money to be made that way than the meager earnings of a government employee. These people who were elected to speak for the people are no longer speaking for us but for whoever pays the highest to sweep things under the rug or turn the other way.

That is especially evident with the massive voter fraud that occurred last November and the reluctance to even investigate any of the claims.

Instead, the deep state has worked hard to malign anyone who questions the election results despite the mountains of evidence that proves it was stolen.

After attending Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium, Anne Copp, the New Hampshire Rep. says she just couldn’t pretend to be a patriot while serving in government any longer….

Who could blame her?

The state continues to claim that no evidence of election fraud exists, but then there are conferences and gatherings where evidence and testimony are presented.

Here is a link to the video of Rep. Anne Copp saying she is resigning:

Rep. Copp is a true patriot who puts service in front of comfort.

Here is a video of her protesting the actions of a local school board:

We need more of her working for the people, right?

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