• September 25, 2023

Mike Lindell’s “Absolute 9-0” Is Undeniable, Even For SCOTUS!

The left is still holding on to the belief that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the two most unpopular presidential candidates beat President Trump in a landslide.

We all know that it is a farce and thankfully we have some warriors on our side still working hard to expose it. One of those people is MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell as he has rolled out some amazing documentaries exposing the rampant voter fraud.

Lindell’s latest installment in his series of explosive documentaries concerning the insane amount of voter fraud that occurred during the November 2o2o election doesn’t disappoint. Of course, the left won’t believe you at all on it since they have been brainwashed to believe that it is nothing but a hoax, but the facts are still facts.

Titled “Absolute 9-0”, the film is the third in Mike Lindell’s “Absolute” series, documenting, exposing, and PROVING the election fraud.

The “9-0” is a reference to the Supreme Court voting 9-0 in support of Trump once this evidence is seen, because it will be so overwhelming and undeniable.

Watch this:

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Of course, FakeBook has already labeled the video “Fake News”.

In other reports, no one cared:

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Thank you for all you are doing Mike!

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