• June 12, 2024

MIKE PENCE Has Stepped Up To Rip Sleepy Joe A New One!

In the years that Donald Trump and Mike Pence were in office, we knew where they stood. We knew that these two individuals would put America first.

They had policies that would always seek to ensure that American workers and their families had every chance to live the most successful life possible.

Now, this brings us to Sleepy Joe, our current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President Biden has always claimed that he is nothing more than just an “average Joe”, but nothing could be further from the truth. First of all, he claims that his out-of-control spending plans are designed to put Americans first.

But are these plans really going to do so?

This is one of the reasons why Mike Pence is now speaking out against Joe Biden’s big socialist agenda.

Take a look at what Fox News has to say:

Americans have never looked forward to Tax Day – but if President Biden and congressional Democrats get their way, the economic struggles of a punitive tax system are sure to make it worse…

Biden’s tax hike will give the United States a business tax rate that is substantially higher than even Communist China…

China stands to gain thousands of jobs as employers flee the crushing tax and regulatory burden of Joe Biden’s America.
America WAS starting to climb back from the 2020 crisis, but now Joe Biden want to saddle us with more of his tax hikes! Talk about the epitome of dumb liberalism: taxing the economy just as it begins to recover!

However, if Sleepy Joe’s head is anywhere, it would be on being a classic tax-and-spend liberal. However, Mike Pence is revealing that the tax hikes that Biden and the Democrats in the House and Senate want to impose on us would not help us. They would benefit China in a major way, though.

Additionally, if you are a business owner, how would you like a tax rate on your business that is higher than if your business was located in China? That’s what you will get under Biden. That’s right, folks. Communist China, of all places, would have a lower tax rate than what Sleepy Joe is proposing.

What else do you think will happen if Joe is successful in this endeavor?

Well, Mike Pence knows. He says that we would simply return to the days where companies would start fleeing the country for a cheaper place to do business. These liberal taxes are “crushing” and we’ve seen this show before. It happened under Obama and it will happen again. Americans will be out of work because of Biden’s tax policy.

There it is, signed, sealed, and delivered in fancy gift wrap. If Biden wanted to give a gift to China, this was about the best plan ever. But it would come at your expense.

Of course, Biden said that he was going to be all buddy-buddy with foreign nations, so what do we expect?

Pence continues to sound the alarm regarding the fact that if Biden gets his way, we will be saying bye-bye to many American jobs. The only thing that is stopping this from happening would be the GOP and a few moderate, sensible Democrats in the Senate. It’s definitely better to be a DINO than a RINO any day of the week, but I digress.

It’s time for lawmakers with integrity to take a stand before its too late.

What do you think about Mike Pence standing up to Joe Biden? Your comments would be appreciated!



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