• June 12, 2024

Nancy Pelosi Went To England And The Reaction Was TOTAL Karma!

We all know that Nancy Pelosi is not a fan favorite in our country but did you know that she is not in other countries too?

Well, I didn’t but now I know and I had to share with you all too.

Nancy Pelosi made a trip to England over the past weekend and she was greeted by some of her “adoring” fans.

A group of Trump supporters showed up and at one point the crowd started to boo her and not quietly either.

One man shouted:

The whole world knows TRUMP WON, Nancy!

However, that was not all of it.

The protesters also brought along drums with them to rattle Pelosi.

Then another protester shouted:

You’re not welcome here! Go back to Epstein Island! Go back to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo island!

See the brutal heckling of Nancy Pelosi below:

Then Nancy went off the deep end just as expected and started to rip apart Republicans and say that there were in some sort of a “cult”.
This is incredibly disgusting and appalling to see a “leader” from our country then stand on foreign soil and bash Americans.

Fox News confirms:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed Republicans while traveling abroad in the United Kingdom Thursday, saying that they are bad for America and members of a “cult.”

“I say to my Republican friends and I do have some,” Pelosi said at an event in Cambridge, England, prompting laughter from the audience. “Take back your party. You’re the Grand Old Party of America, you’ve done wonderful things for our country. You now have been hijacked by a cult that is just not good for our country.”

Pelosi continued, “Take back your party, do not let it continue to be dominated by those who want to suppress the vote because they have no positive message to win.”

The San Francisco Democrat added that Republicans “disrespect the beautiful diversity of America” and said that GOP members of Congress don’t support background checks on guns.

Pelosi said that the party needs to reflect the positions of Republican voters across the country rather than allegiance to former President Donald Trump and suggested one way to accomplish that is by passing the Democrats’ voting rights bill H.R. 1, which would “have redistricting in a way that is, again, agnostic along the lines of the Voting Rights Act. It may not benefit Democrats but it would benefit the country because it would make Republican districts more open to people other than the ones that are in Congress now.”

Pelosi is in the United Kingdom to participate in the G7 Heads of Parliament Conference, according to her website.

If Biden was so popular, wouldn’t Pelosi be greeted by throngs of Biden supporters?
Just saying.


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