• May 19, 2024

Newlyweds Lose $27,000 On Their Wedding After More Than Half The Guests Didn’t Show Up

Gray Narvaez-Dragion was eager for their special day. The 18-year-old trans person who uses they and them pronouns revealed that they were so eager to get married that they invited everyone they could to join them for their special day. Dozens of people RSVPed and assured the couple that they would show up to celebrate the joining of their families and their love for their special day.

However, Gray Narvaez-Dragion and their partner were left shocked and “heartbroken” when more than half of their guests did not show up to the wedding on the day of the celebration, ghosting the transgender person and their partner in the process.

Gray Narvaez-Dragion decided to tell the world about their unsuccessful wedding by showing all the empty seats at their wedding in a TikTok video that has since blown up and gone viral with more than five million views and counting.

The newlywed person captioned the clip, “88 people said yes… not even 40 showed up.”

Because so few guests showed up, the newlyweds ended up losing out on more than $27,000 of hard-earned money that they had invested in their wedding with the thought that they would be hosting eight-eight guests on their special day. Instead, they were surrounded by fewer than half of the people who had promised to come after RSVPing to their invitation.

TikTok users flooded the viral video with comments and reactions. Most people agreed that the guests who did not show up were as rude as can be.

“If you can’t make it to a wedding TELL THE HOSTS – it’s ok! They will save money with their caterer if you give notice! Don’t lie!”

Gray is based in the United States and has worked hard to afford the money to pay for the wedding celebration. Unfortunately, more than half of the expenses went out for nothing since guests did not show up to enjoy the food or the other expensive things like the décor or music.

One person shared how this same unfortunate situation happened to their sister.

“Happened to my sister. We set the room for eighty, and not even thirty came. We made the best of it but damn. I would never do that to someone.”

Gray explained that they had to cancel some of the events due to poor attendance. For example, they did not do the “sparkler send off, private dance, [the] dinner [and] cut the entire reception short.”

Gray added: “Our ceremony made me so happy, but when I looked into the chairs we had set up, I realized they were empty. I didn’t realize until after… Been in tears for hours over this… I was so heartbroken.”

While the wedding was cut short, Gray and their new husband, Nyx, gathered together and hugged each other “in the empty ceremony room together and cried.”

Gray added, “‘I can’t afford our own food after I got fired and not even half attended. I’m devastated.”

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