• June 15, 2024

Now We Know How They Cheated In Pennsylvania [VIDEO]

The election of 2020 was without a doubt stolen from President Trump. Since that happened last November, people have been demanding an audit into the Dominion voting machines in areas that seem incredibly suspicious.  Arizona and Michigan are just two states that are in the middle of a massive audit but people are asking questions about Pennsylvania.

Trump showed that he had massive support in the “purple” state and the rallies he held there were packed full of supporters. However, Trump lost that state to Biden, and that has everyone scratching their head as to why.

Now, we may have an answer as to how these leftists cheated in Pennsylvania after this video was posted on Rumble.

This steal was an orchestrated event like something we have never seen before and this video really breaks it down as to how they did it.

We must keep talking about the steal and continue pushing to get answers since if we don’t every election from here on out will be lost forever! Check out the video and please then share it with your friends to keep the information going before the leftists try to delete it.

You can watch it safely here on Rumble:

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