• June 22, 2024

NPR Just Said The Declaration of Independence Is Racist & Americans Are OUTRAGED

It is absolutely insane to think that people today want to try to rewrite history. Instead of honoring the way The United States of America was founded, they want to criticize history and take aim with views from present day.

As time goes on and society advances, we change, but that doesn’t mean we forget the past. NPR seems to think our past is offensive, specifically the Declaration of Independence. I have news for you to report, NPR, there is no NPR without our past.

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Over the last 32 years, National Public Radio (NPR) has read the Declaration of Independence live on-air to celebrate Independence Day. This year, they continued the tradition, but provided extra commentary claiming that the Declaration of Independence is a racist piece of American history.

In NPR’s latest article they declared that the Founding Fathers did write “all men were created equal” but then, NPR stated that slaves, women, and indigenous people were not treated equally at the time.

NPR went on to say that the Declaration of Independence used a racial slur too. The passage they were referring to was the part of the document where the writers declared King George the III has brought “merciless Indian savages” on their frontier.

Is there anything in this world that doesn’t offend the liberal lefts? It appears NPR just wants to stir up their supporters with these ridiculous claims.

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