• May 25, 2024

Plastic Surgery “Addict” Takes It Too Far And Now She May Never Walk Again

A woman who has two addictions – plastic surgery and social media – has just found out that the combination can be quite debilitating. After undergoing surgery for the last time, Mary Magdalene, who claims to be in possession of “the world’s fattest vagina,” may no longer be able to walk. She came forward to say that she is now confined to a mobility scooter after her large butt and more than 20-pound breast implants cause her so much pain that she no longer can walk and requires a durable medical device to help her get around.

The social media star who regularly posts content to Instagram to show off her surgically altered body came forward to attest that she may no longer be able to walk. She argued that her butt and breasts have gotten so large that they inhibit her from moving around, so she may be confined to a mobility scooter for the remainder of her days.

“My boobs are so heavy I want to buy a mobility scooter,” the 30-year-old social media star wrote on Instagram.

Although she believes she has never looked better than she does now, Magdalene revealed that she suffers from so much pain that she can no longer walk normally.

“I am in pain when I walk,” she expounded. “But I think people will think I’m trying to get attention and being insensitive.”

During her travel dates, the social media star claims that she “never” requests wheelchairs at airports because she feels so much shame in doing so. However, she suffers from long walks through the terminal and will not be able to keep up with her active lifestyle unless she moves into a mobility scooter.

“My boobs and a** are so heavy that I no longer have ankles because my legs are always swollen.”

Magdalene not only posts content to Instagram, where she has thousands of followers, but she also shares content with her subscribers on OnlyFans, which helps her earn income from the way she looks. She has previously admitted that she has paid more than $100,000 on various plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentations.

She revealed that she had 5000cc breast implants that weigh more than 20 pounds combined. Her breasts also include “expanders” that allow her to fill them up with a saline solution to make them appear even larger. She simply has to use a needle to inject the saline solution into her implants via a port to give them a larger appearance for her social media posts and OnlyFans content.

Earlier this year, Mary Magdalene went under the knife for her fourth nose job. She wanted to create the perfect “Barbie nose.” She got many of her procedures done in Colombia, where she was able to get work done “under the table” so she could get the look she wanted without having to pay American prices for it.

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