• May 22, 2024

REVIEW: Dylan Mulvaney Releases Heavily Autotuned Pop Song

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney released a pop song titled “Days of Girlhood,” as a response to the haters of last year’s botched Bud Light campaign.

The song is part of a partnership with the infamous Trevor Project, which has been accused inappropriate child-grooming. All proceeds go to benefit the nonprofit.

Mulvaney purportedly published the song as a celebration of “femininity,” according to Daily Mail.

“Ring the alarms immediately / We have a code pink emergency / Calling women of all ages / Girls like me gotta learn the basics,” the song starts, with Mulvaney’s voice relying on a heavy dose of autotuning to maintain proper pitch.

From an artistic standpoint, the song seems to offer very little. Like the artist, there is an underlying frailty to it, for which it appears to overcompensate with excessive production, but ultimately, it comes off seeming superficially forced and unnatural.

The lyrics of the song are indicative of Mulvaney’s stereotypically clichéd—and, some would say, misogynistic—idea of womanhood: partying, taking extensive medication, shopping, anonymous hook ups and weeping to breakup music.

Mulvaney also took a moment to extend a personal “thank you” to many inspiring women that assisted with transitioning.

“Mom brought me into the world / Sister taught me how to ‘Girl’ / Best friend coached me how to text / The boy toy that I’m dating next / Girls who helped show me the way / They’re why I’m an it girl today,” says the pre-chorus.

The video shows Mulvaney parading around in skirts, lingerie and very short dresses, dancing to a basic, uninspired guitar soundtrack with mediocre dancing.

Mulvaney claimed the song came from the pain of the rejection following last year’s Bud Light promotional stunt.

“I think the theme of this last year was pain,” Mulvaney said. “And it’s not a bad thing, but it was so contrasting to the joy and ecstasy that I experienced in those early days, that it was almost comical, but also heartbreaking at times.”

In April 2023, Bud Light sent Mulvaney a case of Bud Light in order to celebrate the influencer’s “365th day of Girlhood,” during March Madness.

“I’m not sure exactly which sport, but either way it’s a cause to celebrate,” the transgender social-media influencer said before taking a drink of Bud Light with the label out. “Love ya, cheers, go team. Whatever team you love, I love too, OK.”

The company lost an estimated $1 billion after a conservative boycott of the Bud Light brand.


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