• July 25, 2024

SELLERS: Hillary Clinton’s Shameless Lies May Be Worse than Rape

(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) Hillary Clinton is once again making her media rounds—which means another day of pointing out how she is projecting her own vices, hypocrisies and moral shortcomings onto the man who bested her in the 2016 presidential race.

“Justice delayed is justice denied, and the people in our country—it looks as though—will most likely go to vote without knowing the outcome of these other very serious trials,” Clinton griped during an appearance Thursday on MSNBC’s deep-state propagandist talk show Morning Joe.

Had she stopped there, perhaps the vaguery of her platitudes might have made for a reasonable concern, if operating under the assumption that Democrats were prosecuting former President Donald Trump in good faith for something other than a political outcome.

But of course, Clinton being Clinton, she went farther, driving home the point that she was not, in fact, speaking in good faith by flexing the fact that she and her hubby had eluded consequences under the very same circumstances for which Trump now faces trial.

“[T]he one going on now currently in New York is really about election interference,” Clinton contended, in reference to Trump’s trial in Manhattan. “It is about trying to prevent the people of our country from having relevant information that may have influenced how they could have voted in 2016 or whether they would have voted.”

Notwithstanding the many ways she actively sought to prevent the public from having relevant information in the 2016 election, her charge brazenly ignores Bill Clinton’s own $850,000 payoff to Paula Jones in 1999 to make a sexual-harassment lawsuit vanish.

Although leftist media will find every possible semantic excuse to distinguish between this and the payments made by former Trump fixer Michael Cohen to porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy bunny Karen McDougal, the underlying objective was the same.

USA Today claims that Clinton’s was not a “hush money” payment since the Paula Jones case was widely known—and, of course, Bill Clinton by the time of the payment already had been twice elected and impeached.

But that only makes the details of it more damning since the methods used by the Clintons to silence their many victims prior to his two elections—whether actual “hush money” payments or other forms of extortion—remain tightly kept secrets.

We see the smoke and the charred rubble. And every so often we hear Hillary, like a conscience-racked Raskolnikov, prattle on about the dangers of playing with matches. All that’s missing is the fire itself.


Zbigniew Brzezinski and Cyrus VanceZbigniew Brzezinski and Cyrus Vance / PHOTO: National Archives and Records Administration via Wikipedia (public domain)

Ironically, the fraudulent pretenses under which Trump now stands trial for the perfectly legal act of paying someone private money not to talk about a decade-old alleged sexual encounter stemmed from Hillary herself.

After all, Cohen’s office was initially raided as part of the sham Mueller investigation—the entire purpose of which was to cover up the deep state’s active role in 2016 election meddling while also, ideally, digging up some actual dirt it could leverage against Trump to prevent him from inflicting any serious collateral damage—either in retaliation or in keeping with his political promise of draining the D.C. swamp.

But that only begins to scratch the surface when it comes to political causes and effects that may seem, for those with dim memories, to happen organically but which, in fact, have the Clintons’ and their cronies’ fingerprints all over them.

Indeed, underscoring what a serious circle-jerk the Democrats’ political ecosystem is: The current Stormy Daniels probe was opened by then-Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance Jr., the son of Jimmy Carter’s secretary of State.

And Hillary—the former Obama secretary of State—was spouting her lies about the case on Thursday to Mika Brzezinski, the daughter of Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser.

Thus, the conspiracy against Trump, it seems, is at least five decades and two generations in the making.

Hillary, of course, cut her teeth as part of the Watergate investigation but was allegedly fired due to her lack of ethics in a complex plot twist that involved wanting to keep Nixon in office to help Teddy Kennedy get elected.

However, a report she created for the Nixon impeachment effort would go on to provide the roadmap for her husband’s impeachment 25 years later.

The double-impeachment and the subsequent lawfare campaign against Trump—including the 90-some felony indictments (minus four)—may be an effort to close the never-ending loop following Trump’s threat to lock up Hillary. It is a “retribution” campaign so audacious and definitive that any attempt to respond in-kind (or even hold accountable the perpetrators) would be denounced as an affront to democracy itself.


Yet, while others may be trying their hardest to end the vicious cycle of political payback, even if it means going nuclear, Clinton herself seems to relish every excruciating moment and continues to reopen old wounds.

In one recently resurfaced clip from 2020, Twitter users even noted that former President Bill Clinton appeared to be held hostage as Hillary, yet again, relitigated the 2016 loss in her own warped, conspiratorial mind.

“[T]hese people will stop at nothing,” she claimed. “And yes, the Russians helped them last time, the Russians are helping them now and … the [Trump] White House has said ‘Don’t brief the Congress. Don’t even tell them in classified settings what the Russians are doing this time.’”

Although Bill Clinton’s left hand is out of frame in the video, it is easy to envision what it may look like.

CoercionAn unidentified soldier signals he is being coerced by then-Sen. Hillary Clinton during a Thanksgiving visit with troops in 2003. / IMAGE: Twitter

Her flaunting of the “hush money” double-standard on Morning Joe was but the latest in a litany of examples in which Hillary’s delusions have been given a national platform:

Fittingly, the questioner in each is often a political flunky or underling who is following direct marching orders not to push back.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, for example, who conducted one of the above interviews, has long put forth a facade of being a serious journalist. However, her husband, James Rubin, was the top spokesman for the State Department under Bill Clinton and worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign.

In the rare situation in which Hillary faces an actual, self-respecting reporter who nonetheless allows her claims to go unchallenged, the humiliating subservience is perhaps at its peak.

Sadly, the alternative would be to face career-ending accusations of being a Russia shill or a Trump apologist, and to be frozen out of the vast network of political patrons who pledge their allegiance to her. And ultimately, no claim of Hillary’s can ever be fact-checked since she can simply formulate another lie in rejoinder.

Thus, she is able to prevaricate and equivocate ever more boldly in plain sight, with not so much as a muted groan from the mainstream media.


Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey EpsteinHarvey Weinstein and Jeffrey EpsteinHarvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein at Windsor Castle / PHOTO: @
Le_Rekt_Guy via Reddit

The degree of mental manipulation that Hillary Clinton engages in is, in a way, tantamount to the sort of sexual assaults that are purported to be her husband’s Achilles heel.

Both entail the need to satisfy some impulse for sheer power by imposing one’s own will without voluntary consent, although there may be some form of coerced consent.

It is not my intention to diminish the anguish of actual sexual-assault survivors, whose traumatic experiences I cannot begin to empathize with.

On one level—facing the immediacy of fear and, of course, the physical suffering inflicted by a forcible sex crime—there is nothing comparable.

On a fundamentally moral level, though, it is hard to distinguish between a malicious gaslighter and a serial #MeToo abuser like, say, longtime Hillary pal Harvey Weinstein.

Is accepting a pernicious fact that someone knows to be untrue any different than submitting one’s self to receive unwanted bodily fluids?

Both have the ability to take on a life of their own that will ultimately outlast and supplant the corrupt circumstances of their inception.

Yet, arguably, Hillary’s mindf**kery is worse than #MeToo since it has been allowed to go unchecked, making much of the mainstream media an accessory to rape.

For “Morning Joe” Scarborough, who was forced out of Congress (and the Republican Party) after the mysterious death of an intern, it may not be the first time.

Ditto George Stephanopoulos, who likely was complicit in the cover-up of Bill Clinton’s trysts, making for an easy transition to the other types of intellectual abuse he has committed as chief of ABC News.

This appropriately included pushing a deceptive lie about the disposition of E. Jean Carroll’s case against Trump, resulting in a defamation lawsuit against Stefanopoulos for falsely claiming Trump had been found guilty of rape.

Once again, the circle remains unbroken, with Clinton surrogates accusing Trump of the very things for which they are most likely guilty or complicit.


Napoleon's Withdrawal from RussiaNapoleon's Withdrawal from RussiaNapoleon’s Withdrawal from Russia by Adolph Northen (1851)

Naturally, the Clintons are not the only ones afflicted with this political pathology. President Joe Biden has proven to be a similar breed of charlatan.

Still, few delight in the power that it affords as Hillary does.

Her political career having reached its terminal stage, there is nothing more to be gained from continuing the deception, but she can’t seem to stop. She wants to do it.

Moreover, Hillary lies not simply to evade the truth, as with Biden’s hamfisted recent attempt to claim that he inherited the inflation problem, but to constantly remind her enemies of her unique prowess for impunity—lest they be tempted, like armies invading Russia in wintertime, to repeat the historical mistake of trying to hold her accountable for her misdeeds.

Ben Sellers is the editor of Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/realbensellers.


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