• July 17, 2024

SEVEN BUSES of American Female Citizens Taken by Taliban, MSM MEDIA & Biden SILENT

The atrocities that are happening in Afghanistan are only getting worse and with Beijing Biden in charge, they will only get worse. Between Americans being stranded in a war zone, service dogs being abandoned in the Kabul airport to starve to death, the Taliban wearing American gear, the Taliban using our military weapons, our men and women dying after horrific attacks there is another atrocity taking place.

As if none of that was bad enough, right?

New reports revealed that seven busses holding American women were taken by the Taliban and guess what?

The mainstream media and the Biden administration are completely silent.

Oh, and not just CNN, MSN, and the other alphabet channels we hear so much about, but also Fox News.

Why aren’t any of them covering what is happening now?

The left is always pushing the war on women but when there is an actual war on women they are silent and turn around.

How can this even happen? Why are they allowing this to happen and why is the mainstream media completely silent on it?

One thing is for certain though, the mainstream media won’t report actual news which is why independent news is so important now.

That is why supporting us that are willing to take the time to share these articles are so important.

Emily Miller — “There’s 7 buses of female American citizens. The CG refused to open the gate. We have a congressman with us and he had the state department reach out. MG Donahue refused. 10 minutes ago the females were taken by the Taliban. They are likely dead now.”

Again the question to be asked is when will this administration be held accountable for all of these atrocious acts being committed?
When will the liberals that support Biden who also support women stand up and say enough is enough?
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