• June 12, 2024

SHOCKING Update on Arizona Election Audit & Dominion Systems Have You Fuming

How much more information can we receive about how the Democrats cheated in the last election? It does not appear to be stopping anytime soon.

Arizona and specifically Maricopa County has been a hotbed of election scandal. The latest results are even more shocking.

At this point, we need to ABSOLUTLEY hold the current administration accountable.

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Among the findings revealed during Thursday’s hearing was the fact there was no record of 74,000 ballots received and included in 2020’s election results ever being mailed out.

A number of additional inconsistencies regarding ballots and documents related to ballots were found during the audit as well.

For example, former Arizona Secretary of State and Arizona Senate liaison Ken Bennett claimed the audit’s examination of “duplicate ballots” — ballots typically produced when a ballot becomes damaged or is improperly marked — found some troubling irregularities.

A number of additional inconsistencies were found, reportedly including ink bleeds in incorrect places, ballots marked and filed incorrectly and irregularities regarding voter rolls.

Given House Democrats announced on Wednesday they had launched an investigation into the audit, as reported by CNBC, Democrats are likely to fully examine these new findings.

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