• May 22, 2024

Texas Rocked by Terrifying New Border Chaos

The border crisis has been a major concern for Americans since 2021. But in recent weeks, it has only become more pressing. Over 7 million migrants have entered the country illegally under President Biden.

The administration has failed to uphold immigration law. Instead of deporting migrants, it has moved them to many communities across the country.

Texas has been fighting to maintain control of the border. But the DHS and DOJ have opposed the state, seemingly siding with migrants and criminal aliens. The problem continues to grow worse. And something just happened that will force both sides’ hands.

From Fox News:
A large group of illegal immigrants burst through razor wire and surged towards the border wall in El Paso, Texas, on Thursday in a chaotic scene during which guards were knocked over — just as the state’s anti-illegal immigration law is being held up in the courts…

A Texas law enforcement source told Fox News the group consisted of over 300 illegal immigrants, and about 100 adult males rushed the soldiers, and one has been arrested so far for assaulting a soldier. The melee began when one family unit was allowed through. The source said that more arrests are likely coming for destruction of property and assault.

Video footage has come out revealing a group of migrants breaking through razor wire fencing to illegally cross the border. National Guard troops were overwhelmed and knocked down as they mostly adult men ran into the country.

According to authorities, about 300 migrants broke through the barriers. Some assaulted guardsmen while destroying property.

The few troops stationed at the spot were no match for the desperate and driven horde of migrants. Chances are, this event will inspire migrants to become more aggressive and violent. The Biden administration has created an environment where migrants are encouraged to illegally enter the country.

With the federal government going as far as to oppose a state to help migrants, border jumpers will only become more bold in the coming days and weeks. This event might be the start of a dangerous trend that will force Texas to take drastic actions.

The conflict between Texas and the White House is only getting worse. The Supreme Court has been shockingly cowardly in stepping in and ending the crisis. If nothing is done soon to secure the border, we will have a full-scale invasion on our hands.


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