• May 27, 2024

The Anti-Trumpers Have Just Gotten Hit With A Big Dose Of KARMA!

Friends, it is pretty funny sometimes how doing the right thing ends up getting you rewarded way down the road. It’s also funny how doing the wrong thing ends up backfiring on you when you least expect it.

I remember ages ago, I came in to work during a really bad snowstorm. I had the ability to come in, and made my way a little bit later than normal…but I still came in. The owner of the company, despite not really being able to do much since pretty much everyone else called in sick from the weather, paid me double and bought lunch from the place next door. We ended up not doing a single thing that day.

I was told to just hang out until the end of the day in case anything in the warehouse needed to be fixed out of nowhere.

That being said, I remember I have seen people call in sick when they were not and their boss spots them at a video store in the middle of the day. You have to be careful how you treat people’s trust towards you.

When Jim Hendren, a longtime Arkansas state legislator, announced on Thursday that he was leaving the GOP, it marked the latest in a flurry of recent defections from the party.

Tens of thousands of Republicans across the country have changed their registrations in the weeks since the riot at the Capitol — many of them, like Hendren, becoming independents. Other former party officials are discussing forming a third party.

The article goes on to state the following:

But if the Republicans’ reasons for leaving the GOP are obvious — primarily, disdain for former President Donald Trump and his stranglehold on the party — the sobering reality confronting them on the other side is that there’s really no place to go.

The report notes that the anti-Trump conservatives are having a problem finding a home, as the Democrat Party continues to move leftward, but those who want to “recapture the GOP from within” find themselves vastly outnumbered.

And starting a third party from scratch requires “gigantic sums of money,” along with all the issues of trying to get on the ballot in every state, when state laws are really only designed for the two major parties, Politico wrote.

Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh admitted that he and others who have bailed from the Republican Party are “kind of in the wilderness.”

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