• July 25, 2024

They Brought The Dead Heroes Home, Where Biden Was Will Make You Sick!

It was heavy hearts that mourn the loss of those who died serving their country in Afghanistan. However, what makes their loss even more painful is that it could have been prevented with effective leadership in power. Sadly, that wasn’t to be for those who instead of coming home and being greeted with hugs and smiles from family are being greeted with tears and grief in caskets.

Though what makes it even worse, is that the President of the United States is not even there to greet those who died under his watch.

The caskets of the fallen Marines arrived home and Joe Biden was not even there to pay his respects which is in stark contrast to President Trump.

When Trump was in office, he always honored our men and women in uniform.

You would often see Trump saluting the caskets of those who fell and draped in the American flag as they were transported.

Then what makes it even worse is that Biden did not even send anyone in his place either.

This is absolutely heartbreaking!


Just compare this imagery to when President Trump was in charge.

See the picture below:

The New York Post confirms that Trump greeted caskets of fallen troops who served in Afghanistan:

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump on Thursday met the caskets of two soldiers killed Wednesday in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

The first couple went unannounced to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to salute the remains of fallen heroes David Knadle, of Texas, and Kirk Fuchigami Jr., of Hawaii.

Trump was also accompanied by Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and national security adviser Robert O’Brien.

The president and his entourage stood at attention as six military personnel in Army fatigues, white gloves and black berets lifted flag-draped transfer cases into a van.

One would think that Biden would show up considering this is the worst Middle East crisis in nearly a decade.

Red State Nation confirms:

It is one moment that really upset the American public and that is the fact that not a single person from the Biden administration came to wait for the fallen Marines!

Our “president” and his VP decided just to laugh while reporters asked them questions about Afghanistan.

Oh, and just for a little more salt in the wound Biden and Kamala Harris find this funny.




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