• May 29, 2024

Top UN Official Has History of Anti-White Racism

(Headline USA) A United Nations official recently promoted by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres promoted anti-white racism in multiple social-media posts, according to Fox News.

Ayisha Siddiqa, who was recently hand-picked by the organization’s top leader to serve as its youth climate adviser and “accelerate the implementation of [the UN’s] climate action agenda,” has a history of radicalism, expressing support for far-left policies such as abolishing the police and anti-capitalism. 

Siddiqa, who is Pakistani, has frequently denigrated white people and Western nations on social media, as well.

“You want to know why I got into climate activism, it wasn’t because I wanted to protect the environment (although that is a very valid reason),” she tweeted in May 2020.

“I became involved [because] the West slaughtered, bombed and starved my people to death in the name of oil,” she claimed. “And no one talks about it.”

In a post later that year, Siddiqa wrote, “When I think of fossil fuel, I don’t think of pollution … I think of … organized terrorism and I think of demolished democracies at the hands of the West.”

Siddiqa also explicitly blamed climate change on white people, writing in March 2021, “The white man has brought life as we know it, to the verge of extinction.”

In May 2022, she wrote, “The white man sits at the highest level of power in the world, the same way he has killed, looted and abused black and brown people for profit so has he the earth.”

She then argued in a follow-up post that white people should be forced out of power in the climate movement, arguing the environmentalist agenda belongs to minorities.

“We’re allowing White people to have too much space,” she said. “[W]hite people have absolutely no prerogative or authority to lead the movement … “[W]hite men… collude with other violent systems of power (like the Arab gulf) who hurt poor, black and brown people the most.”


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