• May 27, 2024

Trump Just Scored A HUGE Win Against His Nasty Neighbors!

The left has been trying to bring down a good man, and they just slapped by the truth over and over again. No matter how much the left tries to kick Trump down, he just comes back swinging even stronger than ever.

Trump’s latest victory against the left comes after Mar-A-Lago received an onslaught of petty complaints to have him evicted from the resort.

Ever since Trump leaves the White House, several of Trump’s neighbors were gunning to have him evicted long before he took up residence.

But the liberal’s plan to oust Trump from Mar-A-Lago has been foiled after a Palm Beach attorney deamed Trump a “bona fide employee” who is fully permitted to live there.

Excerpt From Palm Beach Daily News Reports:

Turning aside arguments from neighbors who claim that Trump is not permitted to live at Mar-a-Lago based on a Declaration of Use agreement he signed with the town in 1993, Palm Beach Town Attorney John Randolph concluded that the agreement doesn’t specifically prohibit the ex-president from residing at the club, Town Manager Kirk Blouin told the Daily News this week.

The 1993 agreement allowed Trump to convert the private residence into a private club.

Randolph also advised that under the town’s zoning code, private clubs can provide living quarters to a “bona fide employee.”

Under evidence provided to the town, Trump is a bona fide employee of Mar-a-Lago, Randolph concluded.

The town defines “employee” as “any person generally working onsite for the establishment and includes sole proprietors, partners, limited partners, corporate officers and the like.”

Trump’s duties at Mar-a-Lago, according to his attorney, John B. Marion, include overseeing the property, evaluating the performance of employees, suggesting improvements to the club’s operations, reviewing the club’s financials, attending events, greeting guests, and recommending candidates for membership.

So this is yet another win for Trump against the hateful left.

When will they learn to stop going toe-to-toe with this guy?

Sources: WayneDupree, Palm Beach Daily News

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