• July 25, 2024

Tulsi Gabbard Slams Top Biden Replacement

Throughout Joe Biden’s presidency, Kamala Harris has been one of the least popular vice presidents of all time.

From her bizarre laugh that she unleashes every chance that she gets to her nonsensical radically liberal policies, Harris has managed to turn off millions of Americans. Given Biden’s advanced age and seemingly increasingly poor health, it’s been incredibly scary that Harris has been a heartbeat away from the presidency for years.

That’s why it’s particularly unsettling that Harris is now being floated as a potential replacement for Biden in the wake of his terrible debate performance at the end of last month.

The former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard spoke out on Monday to rip into the idea of Harris replacing Biden. She went so far as to warn that the “deep state” will remain in power if Harris somehow ends up in the White House.

While being interviewed by the Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Gabbard warned that as the “Democrats figure this out whether it’s Biden/Harris or Harris/whoever, a president Kamala Harris will be our commander-in-chief.”

After saying that Harris is “incapable and unqualified” to be president, Gabbard proceeded to double down. with a brutal warning about who will actually be pulling the strings if Harris is in power.

From Fox News:
“Just as Joe Biden is not calling the shots on our foreign policy — he’s got Tony Blinken, Hillary Clinton, Jake Sullivan, Lloyd Austin and all of these other people in the deep state administrative state who are not elected. Who are actually making these decisions related to our foreign policy who have pushed us to the brink of multiple wars — Russia, China, Iran North Korea — and closer to the brink of nuclear war than ever before.”

“If it is a President Kamala Harris, a commander-in-chief Kamala Harris, it will be the very same deep state making these decisions that have done such great harm to our own national security and to our freedom as a country.”

Check out Gabbard’s full warning about Harris below.

Throughout her time as vice president, Harris has hit record lows in terms of her popularity at times. Even many Democrats have not been able to deny that there is virtually nothing likeable about Harris whatsoever.

As for what she’s actually done as vice president, it’s been one fail after another.

You might remember that one of the few tasks that Harris was actually given as vice president was that of being Biden’s “Border Czar.” Instead of cleaning up the border, however, Harris traveled to South America to investigate the “root causes” of this issue. Meanwhile, border crossings continued to surge in the U.S.

Spoiler alert: Harris never cleaned up the border, and these crossings continue to surge to this day.

Harris has also been working overtime to defend Biden’s mental state. Her claims that there is nothing wrong with Biden cognitively were proven to be lies last month, when his mental failings were on full display during his disastrous presidential debate.

Gabbard has been trying to warn the public about how dangerous Harris is for years. While we’d all like to see Biden out of the White House, the possibility of Harris taking over the presidency might just be even more terrifying.

Key Takeaways:

  • After Joe Biden’s disastrous presidential debate, Kamala Harris is being floated as a potential replacement for him.
  • The former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is sounding the alarm and warning that Harris is “incapable” of being president.
  • Should Harris somehow get to the White House, the “deep state” would still be pulling the strings, e; according to Gabbard.

Source: Fox News, Daily Caller


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