• April 15, 2024

WATCH: “I Keep Forgetting I’m President”, Joe Biden Humiliated in Front of Military

Before he was even in office, the whole nation had warranted concerns over Joe Biden’s health. It appears to be only more concerning every day he is in office. He appears to be very forgetful among other things, and this is a major cause for concern for the United States.

The latest comes from his first speech to our troops abroad. Looking for an inspiring and confident speech from our President, they seemed to only receive discomfort about the man running our country.

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“After stepping up to the podium to deliver his own speech, he briefly forgot to tell the airmen to be “at ease.” When he remembered a couple of minutes later, he offered a bizarre explanation for why he’d forgotten.”

“I keep forgetting I’m president,” he pithily said.


His comment also drew laughter from the crowd.

Even more, when the First Lady Jill Biden spoke, she had to yell back to Biden to get his attention, yelling “pay attention Joe!”

See here:

(Video: Fox News)

The aging health concerns of the current President do not seem to be getting better. Our government needs to proceed with caution and the White House should implement doctors to be constantly checking on his health.

As we all wonder what will come of the next election, you can’t wonder but how the rest of Biden’s Presidency will go with his current health.



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