• May 22, 2024

2 Out of 3 Colleges Require DEI Courses to Graduate

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) It was discovered in a new report conducted by Speech First that two-thirds of colleges and universities in the United States require students to take at least one course related to DEI if they want to graduate.

The results of the study revealed that students at institutes of higher learning were being subject to “a level of indoctrination and coercion that was far beyond what many of us thought,” the free speech advocacy group wrote.

Additionally, Speech First argued that even in states where DEI departments had been banned, far-left administrators still managed to sneak in their destructive ideology.

It was also reported that, of the 248 colleges and universities chosen by the organization, 165 had a graduation requirement that included a course dealing with DEI-related themes. Of those, 59% were public institutions, while 41% were private institutions.

Even though some colleges and universities were blatantly forcing far-left ideology upon students, some institutions were indoctrinating their students more subtly.

For example, students at American University must complete a “Diversity & Equity requirement” by taking courses that “attend to issues of power, privilege and inequality that are embedded in social, cultural or economic hierarchies,” the organization reported.

“DEI is not merely confined to specific courses… While not every course is overtly DEI-themed, there are unmistakable options with DEI focus that satisfy general education requirements. This nuanced integration of DEI principles underscores a broader issue within academia, where DEI has become a fundamental aspect shaping the educational experience for students,” Speech First wrote.

The organization then added that politicians should continue fighting against the destructive ideology.

“We call on legislators, educators, students, and parents to join us in abolishing DEI graduation requirements. Our proposed measures include prohibiting mandatory ideological courses, ensuring instruction in constitutional principles, and emphasizing the importance of free speech in orientation programs,” Speech First Executive Director Cherise Trump said.


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