• July 23, 2024

A Billionaire Is In Trouble After She Was Caught Asking Her Fans For Donations To….

Billionaire Kylie Jenner has been slammed after asking for donations from fans to help her makeup artist, Samuel Rauda, who needed brain surgery after an accident.

Fans of the cosmetic mogul were upset that the reality star asked for donations despite her $1 Billion net worth. Jenner previously earned the title of “self-made billionaire” which has been disputed by some outlets.

The criticism came as a result of Jenner’s $5,000 donation to Samuel Rauda’s expenses in lieu of her billion-dollar net worth. She has since taken to Instagram to explain her side of the story, stating that her donation enabled the fundraiser to reach its end goal of $10,000.

“They had already raised $6k so I put in $5k to reach their original goal and thought I’d post on my stories to gain more awareness if anyone also felt compelled to share or donate”.

Jenner had previously been labeled “tone-deaf” in response to her promotion of the medical fundraiser. Critics argued that the contribution was insufficient given that the influencer earns an estimated $450,000 a day.

The original confusion seems to have originated through GoFundMe’s model, where the total goal of campaigns can increase each time they are fulfilled. This led people to believe that the goal to pay for the surgery sat at $60,000 at the time – rendering Jenner’s donation unreasonably meek given her status.

She wrote, “May God watch over you and protect you @makeupbysamuel everyone takes a moment to say a prayer for Sam who got into an accident this past weekend. And swipe up to visit his families go fund me.”

Fortunately, Samuel Rauda’s recovery fund currently sits at over $100,000. The 26-year-old was reportedly in a serious traffic accident the week prior.

People were then enraged to find out that Kylie Jenner had only donated $5,000 and had asked her audience to help despite being a billionaire.

“Wait, so Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist got into a car accident and needed $60k for emergency brain surgery, and she asked her fans to donate? And then only donated $5,000 when she’s a literal billionaire?,” One wrote. 

Another person wrote, “No way billionaire Kylie Jenner opened a Go Fund Me for her stylist??? Sis, how about you GO FUND HIM?”

Other celebrities, including Bella Thorne, donated to the cause. Thorne matched Jenner’s $5,000 donation, while Sofia Richie and Bebe Rexha donated smaller amounts to the makeup artist in need. The person who donated the most was Mjay Al Thani, who gave $12,000 to support Rauda’s medical fund.

Rauda’s friend noted, “The surgery went well, and now we are all just waiting for when Sam wakes.”

Fans were in complete disbelief after witnessing her request as Jenner boasts an extremely lavish lifestyle. She was paid $1.2m per Instagram post in 2019 and continues to reportedly rake in nearly $20,000 on an hourly basis.

Many fans were shocked to learn that she wasn’t willing to help out with the surgery herself despite the financial security and that she’d asked her fans to help out.

Sources: AWM, DailyMail

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