• September 23, 2023

A Brand New “Beauty” Trend Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons….

It may sound ridiculous, but alas — it’s true. Nose hair extensions are trending on Instagram, and while the idea is derived from a joke, it’s going places. Just like how YouTubers had fun documenting what 100 layers of makeup looked like back in the day, Instagram fans are experimenting with elongated nostril hair.

Gone are the days, when nose hair grooming was considered a must in the name of personal hygiene. Instagram beauties are not only encouraging users to grow their nostril hair but also using artificial extensions to make them look even longer. As bizarre as you may find, the result has taken over Instagram.

The beauty trend first appeared on social media thanks to an Instagrammer who goes by @gret_chen-chen has caught the attention of the internet with her bizarre (and hopefully not real) beauty “trend.”

The young woman shared photos of what she describes as nose hair extensions to her Instagram and people everywhere — including us — can’t even begin to process what we are looking at.

Apparently, she used eyelash extensions and glued them around her nostrils to make them look…unique?

People on her Instagram account can’t get enough of the peculiar look.

“YES this is that something I need RIGHT NOW. THANK YOU,” said one person.

Another commentator said, “This is so creative WTF lmao.”

Many other people commented with “hahaha” or laughing emojis encouraging the look.

We can only hope all parties involved here are just messing around, but given the latest, weird trends like braided eyebrows or rainbow stretch marks, there is no way to really be sure.

Watch the video below:

Source: AWM

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