• July 24, 2024

A Creep Tried Flashing Little Kids In Public, Then A Dad Hit Him With Instant Karma

Pedophiles are likely the most disgusting creatures on the planet. 

Far too often are these monsters able to avoid legitimate ends due to failed criminal trials and lack of evidence as well as horrendous prosecution and gross miscarriages of justice. That wasn’t the case recently when a sickening pedophile was caught at a public park exposing himself to young children.

While families were enjoying a nice day at the public park, parents noticed a pedophile creeping towards the park with his pants unbuttoned and his genitals exposed. As you will see in the video below, one parent decided to take matters into his own hands, before contacting the police.

What happens when a creep flashes his junk at a man and his family vacationing in Idaho? A good ol’ fashioned and well-deserved whoopin’.


The father approached the man and started filming him. The pedophile, with his pants, still unbuttoned moved towards the concerned father and that is when an altercation ensued. The father unleashed a few blows on the man as his pants fell to the ground. Finally, the man’s wife and others stepped in to stop the fight.

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Discover Life/YouTube

As a parent myself, I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same. In a world where the justice system often fails at punishing child predators correctly…this is one lesson that was cheap, real, and effective.

The father later turned over the cellphone video he captured of the man exposing himself to the children.

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Discover Life/YouTube


The video was shared online and it immediately went viral. Many called for the alleged pedophile to be arrested and punished severely.

“Good for the dad, mom stopped dad prob for fear that if she didnt the dad would’ve killed him, which he so deserved but she doesn’t want her husband ending up in prison. I think they should castrate the b*****ds,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“If these sick people keep doing this to our children. We need to stand up and do something about it. Otherwise it becomes acceptable in our sick perverted world we are living in,” another wrote.

“He deserved worse. Was on video so why didn’t they call the police? Yeah mom should’ve stayed back. Idiot seen worse at school should’ve been questioned by authorities,” another added.

“It’s time to get back to harsh punishments for these immoral and anti social behaviors. Wake up to the fact that we shouldn’t celebrate everything and an anything hoes society is not good for anyone,” one viewer commented.

“Why did they not call the cops, he should have been thrown in jail for his lewd activity at a park where children were, if he is a registered pedophile then he is NOT allowed to be anywhere near children at all,” another wrote.

The threat is real folks…be diligent out there. There are creeps everywhere! Protect our children!

Watch it here: DailyMail/Video

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